Leonardo Demartino

Leonardo Demartino

Programmer & Head of Mobile development

About Me

Hello! My name is Leonardo Demartino and I have been making programs since my father taught me Turbo Basic when I was 10.

I love multimedia development, game design, beautiful code, chiptunes, Bitcoin and coffee of course! :)

My home is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is my website and I hope you enjoy it.

My Projects

Quien lo vio

quienlovio.com - A website dedicated to return lost items in Argentina

Quien lo vio is a website that aims to be a central place for people that want to return any lost item. Maybe a cellphone, wallet or even a dog. The reverse is supported too: you can search in the listing for something you have lost in the streets.

Enter to quienlovio.com


Digtic - A Minecraft like multiplayer game (in Development)

Another Minecraft clone made from Scratch using OpenGL and Android SDK (Java). It is currently under heavy multiplayer tests. An alpha release will be available soon.


Brilek - An Arkanoid remake in 3D (in Development - Windows Only)

A remake of the classic breakout game for Windows using my own 3D Engine called dOb. It comes with a level pack editor!

Get the Windows version!


KIPE - A very addictive infinite runner game (in Development)

Made with LibGDX (Android, iPhone, HTML5, Desktops) is a infinite runner (flyer actually!) that has physics collisions by using Box2D framework.

Get the apk!


Brain.com.ar - A database that stores every question

An experiment that makes questions to users previously added by other users.

Enter to brain.com.ar!


Proofchain - A simple way of learning about how the security in the Bitcoin Blockchain works

An open source game prototype created to explain how difficult is to attack the Bitcoin blockchain.

Enter to proofcha.in!

project name

Blockchain Balance - A Bitcoin widget for Android!

This Widget is very useful for tracking the balances of your Bitcoin Addresses in real time.

Get it from the Play Store